Georgia Football: Comparing Georgia’s and Clemson’s offenses

Georgia football meets Clemson in two months. Let’s take a look at their offenses.

In today’s College Football you have got to score and score often. That is something Georgia football plans to do with J.T. Daniels now at the reins with returning Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken calling the plays. Last year, with Stetson Bennett, D’wan Mathis, and Daniels all splitting time at the quarterback spot Monken wasn’t able to fully display what he brings to the table. However, that will not be the case this year.

Daniels and Monken gave a glimpse of what they could do together at the end of last season. Not only was Georgia’s offense move efficient with Daniels under center, but they also were able to beat one of the best defenses in the Peach Bowl. Daniels wasn’t his best in that game, but he was elite when he needed to be leading Georgia on a drive that set up the game-winning field goal. Here is a look at the difference between Georgia football’s offense before and after Daniels took over.

UGA’s OffenseOff. Yards/
Pass Yards/
Run Yards/
Succ. Rate
Before Daniels393.50208.83185.676.145.255.6843.27
After Daniels488.75310.75193.259.566.187.6749.80

With that understood, let’s take a look at Georgia’s offense and Clemson’s offense leading up to their match-up in two months. At first glance, these two units couldn’t be further apart. Georgia averaged 32.3 points per game while the Tigers averaged 43.5 points per game according to Georgia averaged 424.1 yards a game while Clemson averaged 502.3 yards a game. With Daniels, Georgia averaged 37.5 points and 488.75 yards a game, much closer to that of what Clemson was able to do.

According to Pro Football Focus (subscription needed), Georgia football was given an overall offensive grade of 87.8, a rushing grade of 90.2, and a passing grade of 72.6. On the flip side, Clemson received an offensive grade of 85.2, a rushing grade of 82.0, and a passing grade of 88.2. Now, again, remember Daniels was only the quarterback for Georgia over the last four games. Three of those games got Georgia’s highest passing grades of the season, including the only elite grade (against Mississippi State). However, its worst passing grade came against Cincinnati with Daniels at quarterback.

When it comes to SP+ ESPN has rated Georgia football and Clemson neck and neck. Georgia’s offense got a 39.7 rating while Clemson was given a 40.9. This is the best rating for showing how close these two units truly are. When it comes to which of them has the most talent it could be a toss-up. However, when it comes to experience backing up that talent the nod would go to Georiga. Daniels will be making his 17th career start while DJ Uiagalelei will be making just his third start at the collegiate level.

Now that we have gotten all these numbers out of the way let’s talk a little about what Georgia will bring to the table on the field. Last season Georgia football came out in 11 personnel 65% of the time. They came out in 12 personnel 30.3% of the time. These were easily their more popular personal groups. What does this mean? Well, this means there will be at least one tight end on average for every offensive snap.

So, with that said, opposing defenses will have to face a lot of Darnell Washington and Arik Gilbert on the field together. Not only will they have to find a way to stop this, but also two other receivers and one or two running backs. Imagine this if you will, Washington, Gilbert, Jermaine Burton, Dominick Blaylock, and James Cook beak the huddle. If you are a defense how are you going to attack that? That group could run both 11 personnel and 12 personnel sets.

That is just one example of the versatility that Georgia football can use this season. The Dawgs are so deep at receiver, tight end, and running back that the matchup nightmares that Monken can create, and Daniels can take advantage of, are endless. It really is a special time for Georgia and Clemson’s defense better be ready or they could find themselves giving up 40 points in this game, easily.

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