Georgia Football: It’s not where you start. It’s where you finish.

Expectations are high for Georgia football in 2021, but they won’t be met in September.

There is a lot of excitement in the air. You can almost see College Football on the horizon. There are just ten more days until Georgia football plays Clemson. The start of a brand new season with a game that will either prove or disprove all the hype surrounding the program all offseason. This one game will tell us everything we need to know. If Georgia can pull out a win, then all the doubters and skeptics will have to own up to being wrong.

Wait. Is that what we think? Is that the mindset going into the first game of the season? Do we really believe that being 1-0 or 0-1 will tell us how the season will go? Let me tell you why this is absolutely false and how this game is meaningless on a larger scale. Not to take away from what a huge matchup this is, but when it comes to Georgia football reaching its goals, there is a far more important game.

If you believe that game is to be played in Jacksonville this season, you’d also be wrong. The SEC East rival Gators are a hump Georgia will have to get over this season. However, they have proven more than capable of doing that. Kirby Smart is a career 4-1 against Dan Mullen. He has beaten Florida in three of the last four seasons. So, again, that hump isn’t as prevalent as you might think.

If it’s not Clemson and it’s not Florida, what game is it? Is it the matchup with Kentucky? Is UAB some juggernaut that is being overlooked? Could it be the game against Missouri? Let me stop you right there. It’s not a regular-season matchup. Even though these games are important because, without wins in them, the postseason won’t be possible. They aren’t bigger than the one game Georgia football can’t seem to master.

So, what is this all-important game then? What could be bigger than Clemson and The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party? Well, that game is none other than the SEC Championship game. A game that was created in 1992, and the Bulldogs have won just three times since. Georgia football has made it to Atlanta eight times to compete for the SEC’s ultimate prize. They lost five of those eight times.

If Georgia football plans to compete for a National Championship this season, they have to find a way to win the conference. Over the last four seasons, Georgia has won the SEC East three times. They went on to win just one of those three SEC Title Games. So, as big as the Clemson game is to start the season, and as big as Florida is in the middle of the season, it is much more important what Georgia does in December.

Georgia has got to find a way to fight through this season and bring home another SEC Championship. It’s time to put these December woes behind them. Then and only then can they say that their program is now on the same level as the elites. Time to start proving the preseason hype in August is true in December. To be considered one of the top programs you have to bring home the gold.

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