Georgia Football: Time for a reckoning in Nashville

It’s time for Georgia football to bury Vanderbilt in their own building.

Around here respect isn’t given, it’s earned. The same goes for disrespect. The way Vanderbilt did Georgia football last season and its seniors was the epitome of disrespect. It’s time to show them what happens when you disrespect this football program. As Doc Holiday said, “Make no mistake, it’s not revenge he’s after, it’s the reckoning.” Georgia football is Vanderbilt’s Huckleberry this weekend and a reckoning is coming.

Georgia football needs to put a beating on them that they never forget. Kirby Smart needs to unleash four quarters of hell on them, no pulling back. We need to see triple digits on the scoreboard. They need to be embarrassed, right there in their home stadium in front of their own fans. No mercy, no quarter, nothing but 60 minutes of burying them alive in their own field. For Georgia’s 2020 seniors who didn’t get to celebrate their last game in Sanford Stadium.

Anyone that has been following this series knows that Georgia football has already dominated it. This begs the question did Vanderbilt purposefully cancel the game on Georgia last year to avoid another loss on their record. Either way, whether it was because they were scared or because of COVID it is no matter. At the end of the day, it was negligence either way and it is time to pay the price.

This is no time to give little brother any mercy, bury them. Put your foot on their throats and don’t take it back off until their will is completely broken. Leave them a shell of a football program (even worse than they already are). Make them think twice about even wanting to play Georgia football again. Have their Athletic Director ready to file papers to leave the SEC to avoid any future encounters. In short, break their will, their spirit, and their backs. No mercy.

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