Georgia Football: No mercy, even for an old friend

Georgia football plays Arkansas this weekend, but Kirby Smart has to keep his foot on the gas.

The number eight ranked Arkansas Razorbacks come to Athens this Saturday. The kickoff is at noon and will follow College GameDay which will also be in Athens. Former Georgia football offensive line coach Sam Pittman, now the head coach for Arkansas is also making his return to Athens. However, this is no time to get soft or show mercy to an old friend. It is time to keep the pedal down and focus on bigger goals.

This is not to say Georgia football head coach Kirby Smart should disrespect Pittman and the Razorbacks. It just means Georgia should run their offense until the final seconds tick off the clock in the fourth quarter. No calling off the Dawgs ahead by three scores. No playing prevent defense ahead by three scores. Play through the final whistle and leave no doubt who the better Top Ten team is.

As much as Georgia football and its fans love Pittmanthis train can’t be slowed down for anyone. Move or get run over. This is the only mentality to have right now. Politeness has got to go out the window. Being nice is not an option. The only thing that matters Saturday is proving that Georgia football is on a level higher than anyone else. There will be plenty of time for pleasantries after the season. Saturday afternoon the Razorbacks are just another opponent to beat.

Georgia football should put a high number on Arkansas in front of their home crowd Saturday. Just to show there is no one on their schedule close to their level. It’s time to stop the Arkansas hype train once and for all this weekend. Georgia fans show up early, be loud, and root on the Bulldogs to a huge victory over a Top Ten team. Pittman will understand. It’s business, nothing personal.

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