Georgia Football: Revenge is best served cold.

Georgia football will travel to a very cold Indianapolis Monday to face Alabama in the National Championship Game.

According to Accuweather, it’s predicted to be around 13 degrees in Indianapolis Monday night when the National Championship Game kicks off. This kind of weather is not what Georgia natives are used to and will make them quite uncomfortable. However, it creates the perfect environment for Georgia football to exact its revenge on a hated rival and a thorn in their side.

Since Kirby Smart became head coach at Georgia, he is 0-4 against his former team and boss Nick Saban. These four losses include the 2018 National Championship Game, the 2018 SEC Championship Game, the 2021 SEC Championship Game, and a regular-season loss. The first two losses were by a combined 10 points, while the last two were by a combined 34.

Georgia football has an opportunity it has never had before against Alabama Monday, a second shot in the same season. Meaning that this is the same team, the exact same players that faced Alabama previously. Unlike in past rematches which were the next season or a few seasons down the road. That loss is still fresh in these players’ minds. These players are hungry for a championship.

Here is what Nolan Smith had to say about the loss:

Want the honest to God truth? I cried. I’m 20 now. I’ve been playing football since I was 4 – 16 years, haven’t won anything. Haven’t won a championship. I won a couple of bowl games but anything big, any championship I never won yet.

And that’s one thing that keeps me going. That’s just something in the back of my head that I know that keeps me driving and I just want to win. I could care less how it gets done, how pretty it looks; I just want to win and play ball.

Speaking of players that are hungry and looking for redemption, Stetson Bennett just happens to also wear the number 13. A funny coincidence, but all the same. There was no colder player against Michigan in the Orange Bowl than Bennett. Even after all of the criticism thrown his way, he has blocked it out and done his job. Georgia football will need the cool, calm, and collected Bennett to finally get past Alabama Monday night.

With all of that said, When will it be a better time to rid this team of its unlucky stigma than when it’s 13 degrees with a team led by a quarterback wearing number 13? What better time for Georgia football to finally hoist a National Championship Trophy for the first time since 1980 than when it’s sweetened by icy cold revenge?

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