Georgia Football: Breaking the stigma of Stetson Bennett

There are tons of false opinions about Georgia football quarterback Stetson Bennett.

It has been just 14 days since Georgia football brought home its third National Championship. Yet the biggest story in Athens right now is the return of one Stetson Bennett, QB1, for the 2022 season. Bennett just delivered a championship to Athens and deserved a hero’s welcome. Sadly, that is not the case. Some wish he would have taken his ball and gone anywhere else but Athens.

This is such a weird reaction to a guy that just brought Georgia football its first National Championship since 1980. Fans have waited over 40 years for this moment and some are taking it to tear down one of the guys who brought it to them. Some are even going as far as to say Georgia’s defense won the championship to take all credit away from Bennett. What a stretch to say that the offense of a football team has nothing to do with if that team wins or loses.

Then others believe JT Daniels should have started over Bennett and that he would have done a better job. This is the most popular opinion of the Bennett detractors. This opinion is solely based on Daniels being a 5-star recruit out of high school. However, if you look at the numbers between the two quarterbacks they are quite similar. The thing that gives Bennett the edge over Daniels is his ability to run. Just look at the graphic below.

Daniels has a slightly higher completion percentage. However, when you break down the rest it’s clear Bennett was the correct choice to start. Bennett was more efficient, averaged more yards per attempt (9.4/9.2), more yards per completion (14.9/13.2), and more yards per carry (3.3/-6.4) than Daniels. The coaching staff got that decision right. This is why Georgia football won the National Championship.

Some blame Bennett because other players are transferring out of the program. This could be the most ridiculous reaction of them all. If other players want to leave the program that is their decision to make. However, assuming it is all Bennett’s fault is absurd. Kids transfer for all sorts of reasons. Just because a wide receiver transfers doesn’t mean it’s because of the quarterback. Some receivers at Georgia are don’t like the constant rotation. So don’t assume it’s all because Bennett is back that receivers are leaving.

Instead of tearing down a kid that won a National Championship because he was a 2-star walk-on, it is time to embrace him. Bennett should be getting a hero’s welcome going into the 2022 season. He has done things far above his initial recruiting rating. It is time for the naysayers to acknowledge and embrace these facts. Just because a kid gets a certain recruiting rating or isn’t offered a scholarship as a freshman doesn’t mean he can’t improve over time.

That is exactly what Bennett has done. He went from being a Scout Team quarterback to outplaying a former 5-star recruit to start for a major Power 5 program. He then took that program to the College Football Playoffs. Once there he played his tail off and lead his team to a National Championship. He also won Offensive MVP of the National Championship Game. A former walk-on and 2-star recruit.

Any fan of Georgia Football should be proud of his accomplishments. Anyone that has had to work every day for the things they have in this life should empathize with him. Anyone that’s been told you can’t do something and prove them wrong should respect him. Bennett is the working man’s quarterback. He is one of the people. Nothing was handed to him. He earned it all. He should be admired, not torn down.

9 thoughts on “Georgia Football: Breaking the stigma of Stetson Bennett

  1. Mr. Taylor, thank you so much for this article! It is very well written with facts, not opinions. I love the DAWGS and support all of them. I’m so proud Stetson proved all the naysayers wrong. I think that’s why they’re so butt-hurt. It is ridiculous how many said we could never win the title with Bennett and now that we have they continue to bash him. It’s ok to have a different opinion, but there is no excuse for all the bashing and negativity! GO DAWGS!

  2. It is embarrassing how these “so called dog fan” FOOLS are acting. They should not be allowed in the stadium and should have to surrender their TV s and radios. They should not be allowed to wear the “G”. PERIOD


  4. Thank you for spelling it out in plain English so those in the back can maybe take the time to understand. Armchair coaches are so much worse than armchair quarterbacks! #BennettFanForever #DGD #GoDawgs

  5. Stetson Bennett IV greatest Cinderella story in Georgia history since Herschel Walker and Larry Mize. Just incredible accomplishments for these Georgia boys!!!

  6. Great article about SB4! Well done. More than stats, I loved Stetson’s grit, his fight, his leadership ability (the trust he built with the other players), and everything about how he handled this past season; and, I think Kirby Smart saw these qualities too, in Stetson. There is a great interview that I watched of James Cook, before the Natty, talking about how much he was behind Stetson.
    Go Dawgs.

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