Georgia Football: New top Dawg in College Football

What Coach Smart has done in six short years for Georgia football is nothing short of amazing.

Over Kirby Smart’s first few seasons as head coach of Georgia football, there was plenty of criticism. The national media constantly questioned his ability to get over the hump and win “the big game.” They questioned if he could beat Nick Saban and if his elite recruiting was all for not. Some critics went as far as to say that no head coach has done less with more talent.

However, over the last few months, Smart has answered those questions and more. Smart was able to lead Georgia football to a win over Saban in the College Football Playoff Championship. Leading the team were mainly recruits that joined the program in 2018. That recruiting class was Smart’s first of two number one ranked recruiting classes.

Smart wasn’t finished shutting up his critics just yet. After winning the National Championship came the NFL Draft. This is where Smart’s machine really started to show off. Georgia football sent a record 15 players to the NFL through the draft. This set a modern-era record for total players selected in a 7-round draft.

What does this mean for Georgia football going forward?

Well, one could argue that after such accomplishments, Georgia football is the new top program in College Football. Which is exactly what Paul Finebaum did:

“But it’s hard to argue, after this past weekend, that Georgia doesn’t have the best overall program in the country — and I’m not talking about a moment in time, the winner of the championship. Too often, we do that. I’m talking about — look at who has the best program in college football right now. You can make an argument it’s the University of Georgia. And only Alabama, Greg, can have a ‘down’ draft when they only have two in the first in an X number of years and still have more than half the conferences in college football.”

Paul Finebaum on McElroy and Cubelic In The Morning

What Coach Smart has done in six short years is nothing short of amazing. He has gone from the media’s proverbial punching bag to finally getting the respect that he deserves. Funny how winning a National Title and breaking NFL Draft records will do that for a guy. However, they should have seen this coming from him long before it happened.

He called his shot back in 2018 and they ignored it. Smart told them that Georgia wasn’t going anywhere and they haven’t. This is also just the beginning. His machine isn’t slowing down any time soon, it’s just getting started. This season was in no way a one-year fluke. Georgia football is set up to compete at the highest level for years to come. That is exactly what they are going to do.

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