Georgia Football: Biggest fight of 2022 for the Bulldogs

After winning the National Championship Georgia football has another fight on its hands.

The season after winning a National Championship can be pretty difficult for a head coach. Sometimes players and even an entire team feel that they have accomplished everything they needed to. They begin to sit on their laurels and allow yesterday’s accomplishments to speak for them rather than striving to achieve in the present. This is exactly what Georgia football is trying to avoid this season.

Kirby Smart has preached against this since becoming head coach of Georgia football. This was Coach Smart’s first trip to the mountain top as head coach. However, he knows the dangers of complacency. Back in 2019 Georgia came out flat at home against South Carolina at home and ended up dropping that game to their division rival. Pride caused the team to overlook the Gamecocks and it cost them.

So it should be no surprise that complacency was the first thing on Coach Smart’s mind after winning the National Championship. At a recent charity event, where he teamed up with former Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville to play a round of golf raising $12,500 for The Kirby Smart Family Foundation, Coach Smart had this to say about complacency (according to an article written by Mike Griffith of

“Probably the biggest difference in being national champion and going into an offseason is you worry about complacency, you worry about guys thinking they’ve arrived,” Smart said in a video released from the private event.

“I didn’t think our group did that.”

Coach Smart went on to say:

“We don’t defend the title,” Smart said. “We start with a new team, develop new chemistry to see what this team is about.”

According to sophomore Sedrick Van Pran, the team has taken this to heart. Here is what he had to say about how the team is approaching this season.

“The mood on the team is that’s over,” Van Pran said at the start of Georgia team drills. “It’s a new season, nothing is promised.”

Keep the main thing the main thing

Georgia football has one hundred percent of its focus on the upcoming season. Winning the National Championship was a great accomplishment, but all eyes are on the present. Time to start from the bottom and climb up the mountain all over again. Georgia has plenty of talent to make the climb as long as its focus stays on the “main thing.”

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