Georgia Football Player Spotlight: Kenny McIntosh

It is finally Kenny McIntosh’s opportunity to be the number one running back for Georgia football.

Georgia football has had a long line of productive running backs under head coach Kirby Smart. Most recently being James Cook and Zamir White. Both of whom are now in the NFL. However, there has been another phenomenal running back waiting patiently in the wings. He has been biding his time thinking about the day that he would be the number one guy.

That running back’s name is Kenny McIntosh. From his very first carry as a freshman, against Arkansas State, you could tell the kid was special. His ability to cut on a dime in open space has left many defenders grasping at air. When you add his quickness and speed, you have an open-field nightmare for defenses. This is what makes McIntosh one of the most elusive players in Collge Football.

He is not just a threat between the tackles, but also a threat out of the backfield. The first time he really got to show off this ability was in the Peach Bowl against Cincinnati. Had it not been for some clutch receptions from McIntosh, Georgia doesn’t even get to attempt their game-winning field goal. It doesn’t matter how you get the ball in his hands, just get him the ball, and special things will happen.

Some of McIntosh’s highlights:

Over his career, McIntosh has amassed 1103 total yards and eight touchdowns. He has averaged 6.8 yards every time he has touched the ball. He has amassed another 375 yards on kick returns, averaging 26.8 yards per return. That is 1478 yards and eight touchdowns over three years as the third option at running back for Georgia football. Just imagine what this kid will do as a starter.

McIntosh is a senior this season. It is only fitting that he gets to ride off into the sunset finally starting for Georgia football. He has put in a ton of work to get here and that work is about to pay off. This is his year, the time has come for him to take center stage. There is no doubt that is exactly what he is going to do. This season is going to be a special one for The Blueprint.

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