Georgia Football: The Crimson Empire Strikes Back

Georgia football won a major battle against Darth Saban in January, but the evil Sith Lord has fired back.

Six months ago, in a city far, far away…

General Kirby Smart led his Georgia football troops into battle against Darth Saban and his Crimson Empire. Late in the battle, Stetson Bennett fired two precisely placed torpedoes to bring down the Empire’s defenses. Then a great aerial defense turned offensive attack by Kelee Ringo turned momentum over to the rebels’ side and they were able to come away with the victory.

However, shortly after that defeat, Darth Saban began plotting his next move. While General Smart was in the midst of celebrating new recruit Troy Bowles, Darth Saban dropped a proton bomb on the rebels with the news that Georgia football legacy Justice Haynes has turned to the Darkside.

Haynes isn’t the first recruit the Sith Lord has stolen out of General Smart’s backyard. According to 247Sports, from 2016 to 2022 Saban has snagged seven of the Top Ten rated recruits out of Georgia. On the flip side, General Smart was able to sign 27 of the 60 Top Ten recruits in Georgia from 2016 to 2022.

It gets worse when looking at 2023, Darth Saban is predicted to take three of the Top Five recruits out of Georgia in that cycle. For comparison’s sake, General Smart is predicted to sign just two of the Top Ten. Darth Saban doesn’t have any commits from the Top Ten recruits in Georgia from 2024 as or right now. General Smart currently has two.

This doesn’t mean that Georgia football can no longer recruit. What it does mean is that General Smart may want to change his strategy when it comes to in-state recruits. Overlooking in-state talent for out-of-state talent could be coming back to bite Smart as Josh Pate touched on last night on The Late Kick:

It’s not too late for General Smart to turn this around, but he’s got to do something quickly. Darth Saban isn’t going to stop trying to turn his recruits to the Darkside so he’s got to use the Force and bring them home to fight for the rebels.

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