Georgia Football is still loaded with talent

ESPN’s College Football’s Top 100 Players for 2022 proves Georgia football is still loaded.

ESPN has released its Top 100 Players of College Football list for 2022. Georgia football had seven players show up on the list. Two of those players were in the Top 10, three were in the Top 25, and five of them were in the Top 50. Not bad for a roster said to not have enough returning talent to compete for another title.

So who were these players for Georgia Football?

  • No. 6 DT, Jalen Carter
  • No. 8 TE, Brock Bowers
  • No. 14 CB, Kelee Ringo
  • No. 40 OLB, Nolan Smith
  • No. 44 QB, Stetson Bennett
  • No. 62 S, Chris Smith
  • No. 85 TE, Arik Gilbert

First and foremost it’s no surprise to see Carter, Bowers, Ringo, and N. Smith in the Top 50. However, look at Bennett sitting there as the No. 44 player in the country. Finally, Stet is starting to get some respect. ESPN named him a Top 50 player and the No. 11 quarterback in College Football for 2022.

Speaking of Bennett being the No. 11 quarterback in College Football, let’s look at where all seven of these guys are ranked at their positions.

  • Stetson Bennett #11 Quarterback
  • Brock Bowers #1 Tight End
  • Arik Gilbert #3 Tight End
  • Jalen Carter #1 Defensive Tackle
  • Nolan Smith #3 Outside Linebacker
  • Kelee Ringo #1 Cornerback
  • Chris Smith #3 Safety

With the opinion of most sports media being that Georgia football lost too much talent to repeat, this is surprising. They return three players that are at the top of their positions and three more players that are Top 3 at their positions. Then you add to that a quarterback that is Top 15 in College Football.

Comparing Georgia football to a National Title contender.

Let’s compare Georgia Football to Alabama, which is one of the favorites to win the National Championship this season.

As you can see, Alabama has just one more player on the list than Georgia football does. They have the same amount of players in the Top Ten, two more players in the Top 25, and one more player in the Top 50. This would seem to suggest the gap between Georgia’s roster and Alabama’s roster isn’t as wide as the national media would like to think.

In closing, Georgia football did lose a ton of talent to the NFL before this upcoming season. However, that doesn’t change the fact that they have plenty of talent left in the tank to compete in 2022. Including two freshmen who were just named to 247Sports’ Freshmen All-American Team, Mykel Williams and Malaki Starks.

With this amount of talent, there is no goal Georgia football won’t be able to achieve. There is good reason to believe that they could win the SEC East and be back in the College Football Playoffs for the third time in five years. One thing is for sure, with the amount of talent UGA possesses you won’t be hearing any rebuilding excuses out of Kirby Smart.

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